Valve Maintenance Training Programs

Preventative valve maintenance, when performed regularly by skilled individuals, can mean the difference between optimal operation of your facilities or pipeline and an unscheduled shutdown. Because every second of downtime means lost revenue, the ability to safely service valves that are inline and under pressure without a shutdown becomes essential to any operator whose goal is to run their facility as safely, efficiently and profitably as possible.

PETEX and Sealweld Working Together

Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX) of The University of Texas and Sealweld Corporation have joined forces to provide the most comprehensive valve maintenance training available today. The course is called ValvePro® and to date we have graduated hundreds of students from over a dozen countries worldwide.

PETEX has been training companies and individuals since 1944. Headquartered at the
J.J. Pickle Research Campus north of the main university campus, PETEX develops, produces, and delivers technical and nontechnical training courses, publications, and audiovisual aids for the oil and gas industry.

Sealweld has been servicing valves inline and under pressure, and educating clients how to do so safely and efficiently, for over forty years. It’s not a stretch to say, when it comes to valve care training and products, Sealweld wrote the book.